If I Had a Son

I love being a mom. I’m sure you may have picked that up. I especially love being a mom to four girls. I know girls, I can DO girls. I can handle the emotional outbursts (most days, I can), the drama, the singing and dancing and we-need-to-do-our-make-up-right-now-or-we-may-just-faint. I can take it in my stride when […]

The Playlist

As a doula, I always encourage my clients to make a playlist of their favourite songs to play during labour and their baby’s birth. It sets the tone for the arrival of a new life, for the environment babe is being born into and often, can be a useful tool in calming a newborn (they […]

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I’m sitting at my mom and dad’s dinging room table editing photographs. The house is dead silent, as it should be at 12:15am. Ok, MTV is on in the background, but, other than that, silence. Bruce and I have had three weddings in the last fours weeks to shoot and there is editing coming out of […]