Tonight we attended the Christmas production at LINC (our church). It was magical and our girls sat in awe as they watched Aunty Erin and Aunty Nicky dancing on the stage. We had promised to buy them an ice cream afterwards and while Marc was queuing to pay, Ryen came to sit with me a […]

Emme in my arms

It’s 9pm and Emme is usually safely snuggled up in bed by this time. Tonight I just felt like cuddling. So, she’s fast asleep, milk dribbling from the corner of her mouth and soft bubby-body draped across my middle. Warm. Happy. I was telling some friends last night that I feel so focused on her […]

Four is big

My Mica (Demica-Simone) is going to be FOUR tomorrow! I am sitting on the end of her bed, listening to her breathe as she sleeps, thinking, “where has the time gone? Just the other day she was 2.6kgs small and here she is a whole, big FOUR years old! If you don’t know her, she […]

Drink lots of water

I have just responded to a message someone sent me prior to the birth of her fourth baby, asking me if I had any wisdom to share with her. I thought I would share some of what I said to her with you, too: How are you finding fourth time round? I have to say, […]

Wordy Wednesday: Everybody Hum

Word: Chavish (noun) Pronounced: CHAY-vish Meaning: From the Dictionary of the Sussex Dialect ( Francombe & Co, 1875) – ‘A chattering or prattling noise of many persons speaking together’. Anyone who has been in our home will agree that this word is MOST appropritiately used to describe the … ummm …  well, noise that can be […]