Three Girls Sharing

Over the last two months, my brother and his girlfriend have been staying with us. We have been blessed beyond belief to have them in our home, living life with us. It has been lovely to get to know Denae properly (she is from America) and for the girls to spend quality time with her and Uncle […]

If I Had a Son

I love being a mom. I’m sure you may have picked that up. I especially love being a mom to four girls. I know girls, I can DO girls. I can handle the emotional outbursts (most days, I can), the drama, the singing and dancing and we-need-to-do-our-make-up-right-now-or-we-may-just-faint. I can take it in my stride when […]

It’s Love That Makes The World Go Round

I love meeting couples who are keen to use Lamplight as their photographers for their weddings. Obviously, it’s always nice to get some business. But, it’s more than that. It’s about seeing hope, trust and joy shining in someone’s eyes as they speak about their dreams for their day. It’s about enthusiasm reflected in the […]

The Playlist

As a doula, I always encourage my clients to make a playlist of their favourite songs to play during labour and their baby’s birth. It sets the tone for the arrival of a new life, for the environment babe is being born into and often, can be a useful tool in calming a newborn (they […]

A Fresh Start

I have decided to start over. I want to give Nibbi a new look, a new feel and some new content. If you are new here, welcome! I hope this will be the start of many new things. New lessons for me to learn, new ideas birthed, new friendships formed, new everything. If you have […]

Under Construction

Ah, lovely readers. Nibbithenerd is undergoing major reconstructive surgery. I am dreaming big. This blog needs a new look, some exciting new content and a fresh new feel. I will be relaunching the blog in early February and will be making Nibbi a more frequent poster at the same time. Please post,in the comments section, […]