Three Girls Sharing

Over the last two months, my brother and his girlfriend have been staying with us. We have been blessed beyond belief to have them in our home, living life with us. It has been lovely to get to know Denae properly (she is from America) and for the girls to spend quality time with her and Uncle Bruce.


We have two days left with them. Our hearts are all feeling very tender as we anticipate “the goodbyes” and Ryen and Mica are already playing up – sulking, tearful etc. In these moments I am reminded of how fortunate we are to have such a close-knit family. I don’t know of many other families who love each other as much as we do, who choose to spend as much time together as possible. I am so grateful to my folks for teaching us the value of family and so grateful to my siblings for embracing these values. We are the raddest (wink wink).

I do hope that I am modeling the same to my girls. That they see my friendships with my brothers and sister and strive to one day have the same with each other. I hope that I can one day visit at any one of my kids’ homes and happen upon my other children visiting at the same time. I hope we have family holidays and lunches and Christmases together.

Thanks Mom and Dad for your love and for teaching us such important values!

afternoon on the beach-10 afternoon on the beach-13 afternoon on the beach-14

Thanks Denae for these pictures!!! You are so talented!

With Denae and Bruce leaving we have some space opening up in our home. Ryen and Mica have decided that they want to share a room with Emme and nothing I say will sway them in their decision. They say I am mean to expect any one of them to actually sleep in her OWN room (which I thought may excite Ryen – being able to have a “big girl room”). I am so impressed with them for being so considerate of each other and for wanting to be together. That said, I have some moving and shifting around to do. Do I turn Ryen’s room (which Denae was using) into a guest room or a playroom? Or an office for me? Do I turn the playroom into a sitting room slash office?

One thing at a time. The shared room. Initially, Mica and Emme were going to share and I set about decorating with bold colours and patterns, to compliment Mica’s vivacious and outgoing personality. I added a touch of “pretty” to Emme’s side of the room and we were happy. Now with Ryen joining the mix I would love to give the room a little make over to incorporate all their not-so-little personalities. With this in mind, I am scouring the web for inspiration. What do you think? These pics are from Em’s blog ( She inspires me so much!



email me your ideas :

Watch this new project unfold. I have a feeling it will take a little while. I’ll be doing some updates on Instagram and Facebook and of course here on the blog.


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