If I Had a Son

I love being a mom. I’m sure you may have picked that up. I especially love being a mom to four girls. I know girls, I can DO girls. I can handle the emotional outbursts (most days, I can), the drama, the singing and dancing and we-need-to-do-our-make-up-right-now-or-we-may-just-faint. I can take it in my stride when my wild child climbs up the window bars and my airy fairy walks into a door for the seventh time in one day. I can take it when my teen wants to be permanently attached to her blackberry. Why? Because they are not throwing things around, climbing all over my furniture, beating each other up, wrestling, shouting, breaking things …


And yet, my heart longs for one of those too. I constantly find myself day dreaming of having a little boy. How would I dress him? What would his room look like? What toys would I buy him and what books would we read?


Would he be a surfer like his dad or a skater or sportsman? Would he be musically inclined? Would he terrorize his sisters or follow them around like an adoring puppy?



I love these day dreams. They make me smile. And who knows, maybe one day they will come true …



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