A Fresh Start

I have decided to start over. I want to give Nibbi a new look, a new feel and some new content. If you are new here, welcome! I hope this will be the start of many new things. New lessons for me to learn, new ideas birthed, new friendships formed, new everything.

If you have been following my journey, welcome back. I hope the “new” Nibbi sees you come back more and more. My heart has always been to document my journey truthfully and with as much soul as possible. I am back and hoping to bring more of MYSELF, more of the ESSENCE of me to this blog. Previously, I focused on my parenting and only alluded to the other parts of me. I will still talk a LOT about being a mom and about my girls, but, I want you to know all (or as close to all as possible) of me. I hope I can inspire you with my stories, make you laugh a bit, encourage you, empower you and in doing so, grow as a person. Welcome to the evolution (sorry, I had to do that).

Over the last year and a half, much has changed for me. A new house, a new baby, a new lease on life in terms of my health. My marriage has grown, my capacity as a mother has been challenged and I have learnt to juggle (figuratively, of course) all the aspects of my life a bit better than before. I have new interests, new ideas constantly flying through my head. I feel enthusiastic and energized for a new season as a woman, a mother, a person! I hope you’ll stay for the ride.



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